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SAYPALOMA is a new conscious sustainable clothing label exploring the world of fashion & culture. Say paloma say peace! *Paloma is a female name derived from Latin “palumbas” which means Dove a symbol of peace.

We are an independently run store located in Sheffield, the greenest city in the UK on a road known locally as the Golden Mile. Our store features our own handmade artisan ethical collection and a curated selection of underground brands and designers from around the world. Each piece tells a story of the people that have made them.

Our beautiful handcrafted recycled materials have been handcrafted in India for centuries, each garment is made from recycled sari and our jewellery is made from sustainable natural alloys and semi precious stones. The families we work with are artisans that have learnt their trade which has been passed down for generations. 

We hope you will treasure your wearable art which is proudly designed in the U.K. and produced ethically all around the world.

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